A – Hi-Fi Serious (2002)

Ten years ago was a good year for British rock music, seeing debuts from Hundred Reasons and The Libertines, Idlewild’s The Remote Part, and amongst others, Feeder’s Comfort In Sound. It’s the Welshmen who had a pretty heavy influence on A, with a number of songs on this breakthrough disc giving a pretty good impression […]

Weezer – Pinkerton (1996)

More punk than pop, more rock than roll, more buzz and thrash than riff and melody, this album saw Weezer rubbished in Rolling Stone, slump to awful sales, and scare Cuomo into returning to Harvard (again) and bottling up the anger, the emotion and churning out the seeming return to form that the Green album was seen as. Slow sales don’t mean bad sales, and the album picked up, the fans grew to love it, and it’s place in the Weezer canon was assured.