Blakroc – Blakroc (2009)

Let’s face it, what the world needs now is a bit of soul, and this has got that in spades.


Saul Williams – The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! (2007)

The new release model, the unexpected production, the frankly better than expected flow and some stunning songs, at their core, bring me back to the first question: how describe this music? I can’t divorce the music from the words, from Williams’ personality, no matter how important the industrial side of Reznor comes through here – what we have is the black Jack Kerouac. If that sounds condescending, then so be it: finally, a record in the hip-hop/rap paradigm that has actual poetry and isn’t obsessed with the ghetto and being “real”. Beat poetry is alive and well, and Saul Williams is taking us on a ride to the inner depths of his soul.