Lahayna – In The City (single) (2007)

Lahayna are an unsigned band from back at home (that’s the London/Essex border lands) and their new single, In The City, just made number 33 in the charts… oh yeah, did I mention that they haven’t got a record label?

Rather clean-cut indie, but they’re none the worse for it: slightly swooning in their verse approach, but beefing up on the choruses, there’s a kind of classic rock vibe going on. The vocals are a nice balance between soul and rock, which, aided by the slick, chiming guitars, help lift this to a fairly epic kind of tune.

Whilst it’s not going to win any prizes for ground-breaking originality, the mix of RHCP, Zeppelin, a myriad of soulful singers and local references mean it’ll groove over the radio, and shift units: surely the best thing for an up and coming band.

Backed by a remix that frankly wants to sound like a combination of Hot Chip and Kid-A era Radiohead, it’s a strong release, by a promising band.



2 thoughts on “Lahayna – In The City (single) (2007)

  1. I have had the pleasure of seeing this band live and they are fantastic a major cut above anything else out there!! I still cannot understand why they are not signed-maybe they wont rush into the first offer-good for them.I expect them to fly in 2008 bigtime-good luck lahayna!!

  2. this track is quality – I know what you’re saying about not blowing us away but for a first effort I guess they are just trying to get their foot in the door and get noticed! Fair play to them, be interesting to see what else they have?

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